Regensburg Gallier331201011203Loss
Green Warriors205200117191Win


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Gallier 2018 Falls In Back-And-Forth Affair Against Green Warriors 2018

Even though Gallier 2018 and Green Warriors 2018 both had their opportunities, it was Green Warriors 2018 that eventually prevailed 17-11 on Friday. The game was tied at ten with Green Warriors 2018 batting in the top of the eighth when Stefan Schindelbeck / Sch … doubled on a 2-0 count, scoring one run.

Willy Vogel / Willy drove in four runners in the loss. Vogel / Willy drove in runs on a home run in the first and a single in the second.

Gallier 2018 captured the lead in the first inning. Gallier 2018 scored two runs when Vogel / Willy homered.

In the top of the seventh inning, Green Warriors 2018 tied things up at ten when Marcus Engel / Paco singled on a 3-1 count, scoring one run.

After Green Warriors 2018 scored two runs in the top of the fourth, Gallier 2018 answered with two of their own. Green Warriors 2018 scored when Engel / Paco hit a solo homer and Tom Aushilfe singled on a 1-0 count, scoring one run. Gallier 2018 then answered when Sebastian Kraußer / Sebi homered on a 2-1 count, scoring two runs.

Gallier 2018 scored three runs in the second inning. The offensive onslaught by Gallier 2018 was led by Philipp Pfadenhauer / Phipson and Vogel / Willy, who all drove in runs.

Günter Danner / Günter was in the pitcher’s circle for Green Warriors 2018. They lasted eight innings, allowing 20 hits and ten runs while walking zero.

Ronny Bullmann / Bulli was on the rubber for Gallier 2018. They went seven and two-thirds innings, allowing 15 runs on 17 hits and striking out three. Kraußer / Sebi threw one-third of an inning in relief out of the bullpen.

Gallier 2018 socked two home runs on the day. Vogel / Willy had a long ball in the first inning. Kraußer / Sebi had a four bagger in the fourth inning.

Gallier 2018 tallied 20 hits. Robby Merten / Robby, Kraußer / Sebi, Vogel / Willy, Pfadenhauer / Phipson, Christian Ried / C. Ried, and Adam Lederway / Kermit each managed multiple hits for Gallier 2018. Kraußer / Sebi and Merten / Robby all had four hits to lead Gallier 2018.

Green Warriors 2018 totaled 19 hits in the game. Engel / Paco, Peter Engelbrecht / Peter, Aushilfe, Alex Nobiling / Alex, Katharina Kaiser / Kate, Gerhard Mueller / Gerhard, and Schindelbeck / Sch … all had multiple hits for Green Warriors 2018. Engel / Paco went 5-for-6 at the plate to lead Green Warriors 2018 in hits.


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25.05.2018 20:00 Gruppe A Gruppenphase 2018


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